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We are a full-service accounting firm in Encino catering to domestic and international businesses of all sizes. We are experienced, friendly, and cater to  each client’s business needs. If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you have come to the right place.

Our company commitment is to offer a broad range of services from individual to corporate tax services, for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are experienced, friendly, and provide quality tax service that is affordable.

Our firm has a leading Encino CPA and a leading Encino Accountant in the area. Our clients receive personalized and comprehensive service from experienced accounting professionals dedicated to helping you manage and keep  your business finances on track.

Our convenient tax service provides you with more than traditional accounting, auditing, personal and corporate tax services. We thrive on solving problems, reducing tax liabilities, easing the financial audit process, and helping you plan for the future with our tax advisory services.

Our high standards and quality of service makes the difference between our outstanding performance, and other accounting firms in Los Angeles.
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For small businesses and individuals who are looking to keep better track of their finances, working with a local Encino accountant at our firm will provide them with many benefits. With a convenient tax service and monthly bookkeeping provided by our Encino CPA, business owners and individuals will have trusted professionals they can rely on. Ensuring that they stay compliant with the current laws as well as knowing where they stand financially when it comes to their business.

Whenever you are looking to maintain financial records and file tax-returns, many accounting firms in Los Angeles can help, but going with CPA tax preparation will help you avoid costly penalties and losing money for your business. With so many accounting firms in Los Angeles, an Encino accountant at our firm will help minimize your liability and find ways to increase your profits. As a result, the Encino CPA we have available will prove to be a vital asset for you and your business at all times.

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Zadoyen Income Tax
We thrive on solving problems, reducing tax liabilities, easing the financial audit process, managing and planning for growth, and preparing for the future.Zadoyen Income Tax Team.

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    Convenient Tax Service

    Convenient Tax Service

    One of the areas of expertise that clients can take advantage of with our accounting firm is tax consulting. A CPA in Encino is able to provide you information about the latest regulations which will help you engage in better financial planning. With better planning, you can find ways to minimize your annual liabilities by using deductions and credits. Our convenient tax service and CPA tax preparation will enable clients to save money and re-invest more capital into their businesses.

    As well as helping business owners, consulting provided by a tax accountant Los Angeles at Zadoyen Income Tax will also help individuals manage their financial obligations more efficiently. With the help of an Encino CPA and our convenient tax service, individuals can keep their liabilities to a minimum and invest more of their money into assets that will help them attain financial security in the future.

    CPA Tax Preparation

    Most adults living in the United States file individual income tax returns. When deciding to contract accounting firms in Los Angeles, people look for a professional to provide them with personalized and convenient tax service. A local tax accountant Los Angeles will review all information pertaining to income, expenses, deductions and credits. Our staff of accountants will then prepare all of the necessary forms and file them in a timely manner. CPA tax preparation ensures that clients fulfill their obligations and get the assistance they need from an expert for tax preparation Encino CA.

    Clients who receive tax preparation Encino CA from Zadoyen Income Tax will be able to get all types of forms filled out and filed. These include the 1040 individual form and all necessary schedules such as Schedules 1, 2, A and C. Our CPA in Encino will also provide preparation of other forms for things such as depreciation, business use of the home and S corporation, royalty, and rental income.

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    Corporate Tax Services

    Corporate tax services

    While other accounting firms in Los Angeles prepare individual income tax returns as well, we also specialize in providing corporate tax services for our clients. Our CPA in Encino is available to prepare corporate tax returns for both small businesses and large corporations. An accountant at Zadoyen Income Tax can examine all of the financial records and then complete returns such as the 1120 S, the 1120 C, and schedule K-1 returns.

    Along with preparing federal corporate returns, we will also prepare all corporate returns for the state of California. With the help of a tax preparer Los Angeles at our practice, corporations can more easily file these necessary returns, pay any liabilities and receive advisory or tax planning services when it comes to tax matters for their corporation.

    CPA in Encino

    A tax preparer Los Angeles at our firm can also prepare all of your payroll filings. Our firm offers a variety of services that prepare all federal returns for both regular payroll and federal unemployment. As a tax accountant Los Angeles, we also file payroll quarterly and annually with the IRS and EDD. CPA tax preparation ensures that clients remain compliant at both the state and federal level when it comes to filing their payroll each month and quarter throughout the year.

    Businesses that are looking to keep track of all of their payroll records and transactions more efficiently can also take advantage of general payroll services. Our CPA in Encino at Zadoyen Income Tax will help compile the wage and tax information and then make the necessary calculations to ensure accurate paychecks each pay period.

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    Bookkeeping Services

    bookkeeping services Los Angeles

    While we at Zadoyen Income Tax specialize in providing tax planning services for many clients, we also provide bookkeeping services Los Angeles as well. Our firm offers all small businesses, medium sized businesses and large corporations comprehensive bookkeeping services Los Angeles. These services include tracking accounts payable and receivable, handling bank reconciliations and preparing financial statements. These bookkeeping services ensure that businesses always have the most updated information about their financial transaction history during each month.

    Whether you are looking to get monthly bookkeeping or quarterly bookkeeping services Los Angeles, Zadoyen Income Tax is willing and able to meet your needs. We will always provide clients with the guidance and advice they need in order to remain profitable and reduce costs. With some of our offerings like our bookkeeping services and tax advisory services, businesses will be in the best position to succeed.


    Whenever clients are looking to get tax planning services done by a tax preparer Los Angeles or a CPA in Encino, one of the things that they will want to know is the cost for quality tax service. Fortunately for all types of clients who seek accounting services, our firm offers some of the most competitive rates. This ensures that all clients can get the assistance they need by a CPA in Encino without spending too much of their hard-earned money.

    If you are looking to get bookkeeping services each month, we also offer affordable rates which will help clients keep accurate records at a reasonable cost.

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    If you’re looking for quality tax service from a CPA in Encino, you will want to contact us today and ask about our tax planning services. With one easy call or email, we will help provide all types of clients with the assistance they need in order to keep their business and personal finances in order.

    As soon as you contact Zadoyen Income Tax, the next step is to schedule an appointment to meet with our staff to discuss your needs. During our first free consultation, with the help of some of our complimentary tax advisory services, we will help determine which quality tax service or services will benefit you the most.

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